Since We Last Spoke

I married Kat, it was a really good day.

I'm one lucky dude.

Chicago Love

It's really nice when friends mail goods from far off lands that bring back good memories.... It's another thing when they fly their asses all the way out to visit. Good times.

Chad & Nikki

Chad absorbing Color Mag.


We ate a lot of this while they were here.

We scored free tix to the Gaultier Exhibit at the deYoung museum. Super good.

It was foggy when we got outside.

We hit up Gillman Street to watch a friend of ours Miss Eva VonSlut (Thee Merry Widows and White Barons) who fronting The Insaints, they provided the punk-rock-n-roll for the evening.

These two cracked my shit up. I think I used to be them...a long time ago.

Did some stinky hippy window shopping up on Haight.

That dude.

Later dudes, see you in October.

Three Hour Tour

In February Adobe was nice enough to say "Hey, take the day off and go do shit..." Not in so many words, we hopped on my friend's boat and went to Oakland. It made for some good views and we also had Benn Speckmann in town who got a great view of the city.

New span of the Bay Bridge.

It was good to see Speckman... Pretty sure he was shitting himself piloting the boat, he played it off well.

I love my friends, and clearly they love me.

Mega big, dwarfing us.

Lightroom team members, making test files, or playing Jacques Costeau.

So we kinds were racing to get back before dark because we didn't actually have lights...

Warde making sure we dont end up at the bottom of the Bay.

grab your camera!

XPro-1 Walkin'

Last saturday I had a few hours to kill, and i decided on checking out a trail down to the beach that i'd never been down, figured it'd get my ass winded and allow me make some photos with the new drool-worthy Fuji XPro-1.

I'm really starting to dig it, i've had it for just under two weeks and it's not really let me down yet, there are drawbacks, like autofocus in low light tends to have difficulty locking in and there are some ergonomic issues with getting the SD card in-and-out, but so far those are the only gripes I have.

That's it for now, maybe it'll be another 8 months till I post again...

Comin' Home

California Zephyr

It's Official
After 11 long winters in Chicago, and 3 years in the making I'm finally moving back to San Francisco. Getting back to the land where I grew up, and time to get West. To all my friends in Chicago, it's not gonna be the same, but that's exactly how it's supposed to be.

Life is about making shit up and taking risks. Thank you for your friendship and your delicious food, I will never forget you.

DIY Spot found DEAD

Breaking News Yep Marfa over at Wellborn clothing posted this on his twitter. I shot this a while back of Kevin getting FS on that wall and that was even before it was finished

Spazz at Thornside.

I'm super bummed, because the mere fact that this spot was located under the El Tracks kinda' ruled. It was tucked away nobody would fuck with you, no matter what time of day. I loved skating and especially shooting there.

Going Back To Cali

Yeah, nobody ever says that...

Found this Gem, while apartment hunting.

It makes me happy knowing that someone took the time and thought "hey, I should totally put googeley eyes on that sign." Creative vandalism will always grant you more Hi-Fives.